The “Free Word” Association presents The Report on Violations and State Restrictions on Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Publication, and Freedom of Artistic Creativity in Russia in 2016-2017

Who and how violates the legal norms, which guarantee freedom of expression and freedom of speech in modern Russia?
How is the Law on protection of journalists’ rights, independence of media and freedom of press actually enforced?
What forms of censorship – officially banned by the Russian Constitution – are nevertheless systematically applied by the authorities?

The Report is based on the information obtained from Russian creative and artistic groups, human rights and civil associations. Its main task is to draw attention to the scale and variety of forms of Law violations in the Russian informational and creative environment, and also to encourage consolidation of civil society in search for ways to protect basic civil liberties.
The authors are sure that compliance with legislation as well as providing objective information about its violations are the main conditions for observing the rights of Russian citizens.
The press conference is organized by the initiative group of the Free Word Association and is attended by representatives of the International PEN Club (PEN International) Carles Torner, Kätlin Kaldmaa and Eugene Schoulgin.