The letter sent by *The Free Word Association* to Oleg Sentsov as part of the *International PEN Club* action devoted to the 100th day of his hunger strike “Marathon of Letters in Support of Oleg Sentsov”

The letter #1992311 was received by the censors of the IK-8 Labytnangi
institution for processing on August 20, 2018.

Dear Oleg,

We keep thinking about your struggle with awe and sympathize with it. All
throughout these one hundred days, members of “The Free Word Association” has
been trying to support your demands by individual and public actions and
statements and to remind Russia and the world of your fate as well as of
the fate of other Ukrainian prisoners.

Now that there is some hope that the exchange of prisoners might start, we
believe three times stronger than before: You will see this happen. And we
believe that you will return home.

On August 21, Russian embassies in different countries will get letters
addressed to you. We expect that as a result of this message marathon the information
block around you will be broken, and you will learn how actively and consistently people
around the world support your standpoint.

We are waiting and hoping with you.

Nadezhda Azhgikhina, journalist

Elena Baevskaya, translator

Leonid Bakhnov, writer

Irina Balakhonova, publisher

Nune Barseghyan, writer

Dmitry Bavilsky, writer

Irina Bogatyreva, writer

Tatyana Bonch-Osmolovskaya, writer

Marina Boroditskaya, poet, translator

Natalia Demina, journalist

Vitaly Dixon, writer

Veronica Dolina, the poet

Olga Drobot, translator

Maria Falikman, poet, translator

Sergey Gandlevsky, writer

Alisa Ganieva, writer

Alexander Gelman, playwright

Christina Gorelik, journalist

Varvara Gornostaeva, publisher

Mark Greenberg, translator

Natalia Gromova, writer

Natalia Ivanova, writer

Gennady Kalashnikov, poet

Dmitry Karelsky, translator

Nina Katerli, writer

Igor Kharichev, writer

Nikolai Kononov, writer

Irina Kravtsova, editor

Gennady Krasukhin, literary critic

Grigory Kruzhkov, poet, translator

Alexander Livergant, translator

Victor Matizen, film critic

Natalia Mavlevich, translator

Anton Nechaev, writer

Pavel Nerler, literary critic

Leonid Nikitinsky, journalist

Lev Oborin, poet, translator

Maxim Osipov, writer

Sergei Parkhomenko, journalist

Andrei Plakhov, film critic, film critic

Alesha Prokopiev, poet, translator

Maria Rybakova, writer

Vyacheslav Sereda, translator

Tatiana Shcherbina, writer

Viktor Shenderovich, writer

Alla Shevelkina, journalist

Alexey Slapovsky, writer

Boris Sokolov, historian, writer

Natalia Sokolovskaya, writer

Irina Staf, translator

Dmitry Stakhov, writer

Tatyana Sotnikova (Anna Berseneva), writer

Vladimir Sotnikov, writer

Lyubov Summ, translator

Zoya Svetova, journalist

Lev Timofeev, writer

Lyudmila Ulitskaya, writer

Olga Varshaver, translator

Marina Vishnevetskaya, writer

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Sergei Yakovlev, writer

Georgy Yefremov, poet, translator

Victor Yessipov, literary critic, poet